Law firms using practice management software such as Timeslips, PC Law, Pro Law, or Time Matters are our specialty. Your time is better spent on billable items. We ensure that technology is helping you maximize your business and that your intellectual property is being protected. Ask us how our dedicated team can help.

Small businesses

Businesses using QuickBooks or other accounting software is our focus. Whether your business has 10 users or 175 employees; multiple locations or a single office; there are affordable technology solutions appropriate for businesses of all sizes and we can help find the best solution.

Religious organizations

Churches, Religious organizations and non-profit groups have very special needs and concerns. We understand them. Whether you are in need of projector technology, membership database, automating a bookstore or managing a coffee shop, we can help. Contact us today for more information and how to get started.

Franchise services

Franchise business owners cannot afford to spend the time to research the constant advances in technology, they also cannot afford to fall behind on the advances in technology that will keep their businesses running efficiently. Bortz Technology Group can ensure franchise owners have the solutions and support they need to be efficient in today's business market.

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The world of information technology can seem challenging and complicated. Small and medium sized businesses often do not have the resources to dedicate a person to navigate the ever changing technology landscape. Leave it to the experts at Bortz Technology Group to support your IT needs for your business. We are familiar with the latest technology and have experience with legacy technology.

Are you prepared for the next virus outbreak? Do you need help with network security or disaster planning? How is your site tolerance? Have you tested your backup lately? Is your software properly licensed? Are your computers slow or unreliable? Whether you need help configuring your IT network or putting an information security management system in place – Bortz Technology Group can help. We have over 20 years of experience helping businesses choose, implement and maintain their technology. We are your IT department when you don’t have one and we can help you prepare your business for the next decade and beyond.


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